Message from the Rector

Message from the Rector

Welcome to Campus Instituto Superior Cristal (ISC) Dili-East Timor.

Institute Superior Cristal (ISC) is an institution of higher education as a whole represents the ideals and long-term goals of the Fundação Cristal in realizing the educational mission outlined and born of the idealism of the founders of the Foundation.

ISC was established on November 5, 2001 in Dili, Timor Leste. In terms of facilities, ISC has provided the tools needed to support the learning process for students, the support facilities and non-academic needs adequate academic.

Challenges facing higher education is not only limited to the responsibility of providing the learning to the students, but also plays a role in the intellectual life of the nation. Constantly changing environment marked by the characteristics of jobs that require workers with the skills, competence and global oriented and demanding improvement of qualification of human resources who have the creativity and courage in doing renewal (innovation).

Furthermore, ISC is one element of improving the quality of human resources in Timor Leste through education, which in turn is expected and intended to form a comprehensive and continuous quality improvement to the nation.

Hopefully, given the belief that parents of students, the community and the world of work will lead to the achievement of the goals and ideals in common is the quality of human character and high morality. Finally, any interests, goals or ambitions, ISC offers a lot of things, good quality courses, learning and research opportunities, as well as international experience. Therefore we believe the more we work, the greater our contribution to the world.

Welcome to our website and explore more in Institute Superior Cristal (ISC) – Have fun exploring the virtual world Institute Superior Cristal (ISC)

Best regards from the ISC.


Dr. Sebastiao Pereira, S. IP, MM.

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