Welcome Executive Director of Fundação Cristal

First of all I convey Congratulations and appreciation over the latest appearance of the official website of the Institute Superior Cristal (ISC) Dili, East Timor, which was designed by the Rector, Academic Civitas and Tim ISC ISC website. Hopefully, with the appearance of new website information about ISC Dili, Timor Leste and the activities therein can be known by the public and even more interactive communication occurs between the structure of ISC Rector, the Faculty, Alumni, community, students and ISC.

Superior Institute Cristal (ISC) is a private university founded by Fundação Cristal on June 5, 2001, by 10 (ten) Dom Bosco Salesian Alumni Timor Leste. ISC has motto: “Knowledge for Development (Saber é Progredir)”, in which stands the ISC can be interpreted: “Innovative, Spirit and Creative “.

After more than 13 years, ISC plays a role in improving the quality of the nation is to prepare students to become teachers or educators are competent and professional. ISC as an educational institution, never stop to improve the quality of academic and non-academic to produce graduates who have the competence and competitiveness is high, then the ISC website is now available to accompany the younger generation and people of Timor-Leste to be in the know ISC. Furthermore, through Rector ISC, we invite high school graduates to join and learn together in the ISC, to realize their dream as a successor to the nation with the spirit of relentless and successful learning into shoots superior nation, to advance the development of the Nation and the State of Timor Leste.

Finally, with a high commitment, Fundação Cristal through Instituto Superior Cristal Dili, Timor Leste is ready to educate the students to become a teacher or educator graduates who are competent and professional in the field of expertise and are able to compete globally.

Executive Director of Fundação Cristal

Dr. Agostinho dos Santos Gonçalves, SE, MM

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